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A Brief History

Cape Coast was founded by the people of Oguaa. The Portuguese built a trading fort in the area. The Swedes built a lodge that would later become the better known Cape Coast castle now a World Heritage Site in 1610 and most of the modern town expanded around it. The Dutch took over in 1650, and expanded it in 1652.

It was captured by the British in 1664. Trade was an important motivator in the creation of fortresses and settlements on Cape Coast. Traders from various European countries built these trading lodges, forts and castles along the coast of modern Ghana. Unfortunately, the acquisition of gold, slaves, honey, and the many other African goods that consisted the African leg of the Triangular Trade was increasingly detrimental to the inhabitants of Cape Coast.

In 1874, the British dominated all European presence along the coast of modern day Ghana using Cape Coast as their base of operations, Gold Coast. With the establishment of formal colonial administration, they relocated to Accra following opposition to the "window tax" in 1877. Accra became their state. Cape Coast Castle was also where most of the slaves were held before their journey on the Middle Passage.

Our Cape Coast Tour

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