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mba-export-management-course Scorpion Tours is an expert when it comes to the Imports and Exports of goods and services. While its forte lies in exporting construction and infrastructure raw materials and fittings, this merchant export house also specializes in other areas such as food commodities, medicines and medical equipments, and much more.

It also supplies fast-paced infrastructure developments like hotels ventures and disaster relief projects around the world.

Not only is Scorpion Exports responsible for facilitating quality exports, but it is equally sound in the arena of imports. Infrastructure raw materials and fittings, commodities, yachts, automobiles and more make up part of its current tally of 150 regular imports and 50 High Sea Sales every 3 months. Keen on widening its portfolio, it is open to expanding its imports as and when opportunities present themselves.

Our network of offices helps the company optimize costs for its customers, not just in terms of products but shipping as well.
Scorpion Exports understands that delivering on time means better business – not just for the company, but its customers too. The company turns to its reliable logistics network and shipping fleet to deliver as promised.

In addition to our imports and exports services, we also provide warehouse for goods

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