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Tamale, officially called Tamale Metropolitan District, is the capital town of the Northern Region of Ghana. Tamale is Ghana's third-largest city and the second-largest by area. It has a 2013 projected population of 233,252 according to the 2010 census.and the fastest-growing city in West Africa. The town is located 600 km (370 mi) north of Accra.
Most residents of Tamale are Muslims, as reflected by the multitude of mosques in Tamale, most notably the Central Mosque. The Sunnites and the Ahmadiyyans also have their own central mosques, north of the town centre along Bolgatanga Road.

Tamale is located in Northern region and more precisely in the Kingdom of Dagbon (Dagbon Kingdom). The local (neighbourhood) chiefs and the district chief of Tamale are subservient to the Dagomba Paramount Chief (King) in Yendi.

Due to its central location, Tamale serves as a hub for all administrative and commercial activities in the Northern region, doubling as the political, economic and financial capital of the Northern region. The centre of Tamale hosts regional branches of financial institutions and a considerable number of international nongovernmental organisations.

Tamale has developed and transformed significantly in the last few years. The new dimension of Tamale's development is the rush by various companies to open branches in Tamale. The hospitality industry has grown significantly, with new hotels and guest houses built around Tamale. Tamale grew from a conglomeration of towns where one could find an architectural blend of traditional mud houses and more modern buildings.
Tamale's new and modern facilities include the newly constructed Tamale Stadium, replacing the town's former principal football pitch, Kaladan Park, with a world-class venue. Indeed, many improvements to Tamale's infrastructure occurred in the period leading up to the 2008 African Cup of Nations tournament. Further improvements were made, particularly to Tamale's road system. Upon arriving in the city, one will be quick to notice that the roads of the city are occupied with motorcycles with mapukas being the most patronised. This, however, does not interfere with the steady smooth flow of traffic on the major roads of the city.

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