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Ticketing & Reservation


  • Your ticket can be purchased through our website.
  • Reservation Confirmations and your booking reference will be sent to your email address and must be provided when checking in.
  • Tickets are non-transferable and non-endorsable and all tickets must be booked on specific flights.
  • When purchasing flights for children (2-11 years old) and infants (under 2 years old), proof of age must be provided.
  • You should pay for your flights at the time of booking, however a time limit for payment is printed on your Reservation Confirmation.
  • If you change your flight you may be required to pay a change fee plus any change in fare.  The same fare is not guaranteed and ticket exchanges are allowed for the same sector only. Ticket exchanges must be made within 90 days of the original booking.
  • You may claim a refund if you purchase a Business, Premium and Economy fare subject to fares conditions.
  • Expired tickets have no value, cannot be refunded, cancelled or exchanged.
  • The maximum airline liability in event of denied boarding, delayed or cancelled flights is limited to the price paid for the ticket
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